The My PATH Program is a health and wellness program created in 2018 and in partnership with the Parkland School Division to support learning of students in grades 1-9 in the Tri region.  

The structure of the school day is characterized by core academic subject areas being delivered by ATA Certificated teachers in a tradi­tional classroom at Connections For Learning School in the morning between the hours of 8:10AM-12:20PM. The afternoon includes a diverse blend of citizenship and social responsibility, health and social-emotional wellness learning, physical education, and arts education taught by community partners between the hours of 12:45-3:00PM 

CFL teachers work closely with the My PATH Program Director to ensure the Alberta Program of Studies is being followed by the designated community curriculum programming activities. Phys­ical education, health and arts program­ming is delivered by the community and assessed by CFL staff using appropriate assessment and measurement tools. 

My PATH Program focuses on addressing the evi­dence-based gaps and issues identified by both parents and education research in these areas: 

• Physical Literacy and Healthy Behaviours  

• Social/Emotional Learning  

- Mental Health  

• Civic Engagement  

• Environmental Stewardship  

• Intergenerational Learning 


December 2020: Grade 7-9 group activities have moved online as a result of the new restrictions as advised by the Alberta government.

Grade 1-6 programming continues as regularly scheduled.


Sept 2020: Important considerations regarding COVID-19

The MY PATH Program will be working closely with all our community partners to ensure the recommended safety measures are in place. For more information on the activity guidelines, please visit


Dr. Deena Hinshaw summary of findings:

  • When children are infected, they tend to be mildly sick, and fewer are hospitalized
  • Children who are infected, particularly younger children, do not seem to drive community transmission
  • Young children seem less likely than older ones to infect other people

We recognize that while it is extremely important to practice the required safety measures, it is also just as important that our children have opportunities to play, socialize, be outdoors, be physically active, and be creative. This is essential for their overall health. Our sport programs will be adjusted to focus more on skill development than game play to ensure students are physically distanced whenever possible. We will be spending more time outdoors, keeping groups to smaller numbers, using masks and sanitizer when necessary, and reducing the amount of shared equipment when possible.

To prepare students for a lifelong path to good health.
At the My Path Program, we believe that by providing children with the right tools and resources for leading a healthy lifestyle, this will carry forward into their adult life. For this reason, the My Path Program focuses on providing a holistic learning environment that includes community connection opportunities, physical literacy and sport excellence, career and life skills, health education, and arts and cultural learning.
Community Connection
•We engage in our local community to develop the knowledge, skills and values to make a difference
•We celebrate diversity and unity
•We believe education and community are necessary partners in learning
•We demonstrate honesty, integrity, and respect for all
•We believe that anyone can impact change
Learning Through Exploration
•We never stop being curious
•We are open and willing to take risks and try new things
•We help each other overcome challenges
Pursuing Excellence
•We know hard work is necessary to pursuing one’s passion
•We strive to improve, and we know with failure comes growth
•We celebrate other’s successes
•We set goals and challenge ourselves to reach our full potential
•We value a growth mindset approach to learning
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Spirit
•We strive to make healthy choices daily for our body, mind and soul
•We value ourselves and others and treat our bodies and minds with care
•We practice acceptance, forgiveness, and mindfulness
•We believe preparation, commitment, and perseverance help to achieve our goals